EDOB is everything you need to manage your paper based Daily Occurrence with an electronic and online log.

EDOB is the solution for the future to manage your business and allow your security guarding or contract cleaning business to operate more efficiently.

A fully comprehensive web based tool to manage your business activities from daily tasks to full incident reporting.





Easy to use user interface allows simplified entry for daily occurrence logs, check call and patrol logs.


All reports are archived and can be accesses instantly.

Unique OB Number

The system creates a new unique OB number every time an incident is recorded.

Priority Level

Every incident is reported with a priority level

Check Call

Never miss a check call; Auto monitoring of Checks call for multiple site by central control room or manager.

Incident Tracking

Incident status can be update upon changes of information or the situation onsite

User and Role management

Comprahensive administration module to manage users and their permissions. Assignment of job roles through user management.


Occurence Logs

How many times has there been where you have spent hours deciphering illegible writing on paper based logs? How many hours have you spent poring over old log books to gain a vital piece of information about an incident?

The system also allows logging of staff on site. All entries are date and time stamped to ensure compliance.

EDOB gives users and administrators instant access to what’s currently happening and can search archived information by date or type.


Reports and Notifications

EDOB is built on solid design pattern and expertly engineered functional flow. Extensive effort and thought process invested in graphical user experience to make EDOB an invaluable part of your business. EDOB has the functionality to download individual reports to be emailed to your end user.

Activity detail and associated documents can seamlessly be e-mailed and escalated.

  • Auto generated alert sent to manager or administrator instantly
  • Never worry about a Lone worker
  • No more misspelt reports
  • No more illegible writing
  • No more manual searches for information


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to info@secdynamic.com

What is Secdynamic - EDOB? How it works?

Secdynamic - EDOB is a software applicaiton designed to work in web browsers. It can be deployed either in your own intranet network or it can be hosted on interent. It can also be deployed in Cloud. We will provide the full initial support to set it all up for you.

Can it be installed in any server environment?

Secdynamic - EDOB is designed using latest Microsoft technologies, Windows server installation is the current setup it supports. User interfaces are designed to work with any web browser, so there's no limitation on user's side all it needs is a web browser and a user account setup by the administrator.

Have a problem?

Rely on our experts for your tech solutions. We offer a free 12 month support. You can email or phone us and our experts will assist you in solving your EDOB experience.


Overcome your challenges with expert assistance. Our experts can help customise EDOB to suit your business. Charges may apply depending on the nature of customisation.

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